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Secret Reader

We are getting the children back into the swings of things with a Secret Reader for our Famous Author week!  Wonder how it could be??

Giggle Magic

The children will wrap up being super wacky by seeing a Magic Show by Giggle Magic!!

Water Slide

The water slide will visit today for the children to have a fabulous splashy day!

Science Week

This week we will be highlighting our very own Mr. Ted, the Science Guy.  He will be introducing the children to his new hatchlings of Tadpoles. The children will be observing how the tadpoles will grow into frogs!!

“Celebrity Chef”

Come see who will be our celebrity chef this week.  Here’s a hint… It is one of our teachers!

You will see Graham Crackers by the Sea, Fruit Kabobs, “Dirt” Cups, Banana Pudding and more….

Patriotic Competition

The children are encourage to wear their tie-dye shirts to school. We are looking to see who has the most patriotic class!

Tie-Dye Shirts

The children will create their very own Tie-Dye shirts for the holiday